Nailing It: Tips & Tricks for Beautiful Nails this 2024

Hi, girlies! We’re so excited to have you here, and trust me, you're in for a treat! Now, let's talk about those crusty, dusty, fugly nails. It's time to kick them to the curb and say "ciaooo" to the old year. We're entering the new year with a fresh and fabulous set of nails!

Ladies, our nails are a total asset. They're like little canvases waiting to be adorned and admired. That's why we should recognize the importance of caring for them.

But hey, don't worry! Team IGL Nails has your back. In this article, we will spill all the tea on making your nails stand out and look absolutely stunning. Get ready to rock the new year with some killer press-on nail sets!

So, grab a cozy drink, get comfy, and let's dive into the world of having fabulous and beautiful nails. Are you ready to slay this year? Girl, you better believe it! Let's get this nail party started!


Give It The Perfect Trim

Perfect trim

As ladies, we love to make our nails long and fab. Long nails give us a little bit of that "pizzazz" look. However, after time long nails can easily harbor dirt and bacteria.

This is where your nail clippers come into play. Trimming your nails not only makes them healthy, but they are also prettier to look at. Healthy nails prevent you from getting nail disorders such as Paronychia, Onycholysis, or Green nails, to name a few.

Now, that's something that we don't want to look at every day, right? Imagine going on a date with fungus-filled nails; that can be a massive turn-off for sure and will give the wrong impression. So give your nails their much-needed trim, and you will thank us later. *wink wink*


Keep Them Moisturized

Moisturized Nails

Moisturized nails have a lot of benefits, such as preventing brittleness, keeping it hydrated, and making your manicure last longer. There are a lot of nail moisturizers available in the market today. So, choose one that best suits your nails and is safe to use.


Pro tip:

Opt for nail moisturizers that contain natural ingredients like coconut oil, cactus flower extract, and jojoba oil. These natural ingredients contain vitamins for healthier, hydrated-looking, beautiful nails.


Use The Right Manicure Tools


Picture yourself having a peaceful at-home manicure session. But suddenly, you decide to change the color because you just found the perfect color that suits you better. So what would you do? You're going to scrape that polish off, right? DON'T!

When scrapping color polish from your nails, use a polish remover to get the job done. Scrapping it with sharp tools can damage your nails and might be the cause of infection. So always use proper equipment to prevent nail damage.

Long-term nail damage can lead to infection and affect your health and confidence. If things take their turn for the worse, contact your dermatologist immediately for professional help.


Choose The Right Nail Products


When it comes to choosing the best nail products for your nails, it can be quite a challenge with so many options available. From nail polish to gel and acrylic extensions, it's important to prioritize our nails’ safety and well-being.

Remember, some products contain harsh chemicals that can damage your nails. So, it's always a good idea to steer clear of those and opt for gentler alternatives that still give you the vibrant look you’ve always wanted.

Take the time to carefully read the labels and check for any aggressive ingredients that may pose a risk to your gorgeous nails. Stick to trusted brands that prioritize quality and safety. Additionally, if you're purchasing locally, you can inquire if they offer free testing, allowing you to see if the color and overall fit are just right for you.


Finding Your Perfect Fit

Finding Your Perfect Fit

Finding nails that fit your nail beds is also an important consideration. It's all about ensuring that the nails you choose compliment your natural nail shape and the nail tip flushes against your cuticle and fits your nail bed edge to edge, providing a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing fit. So, when exploring different nail products, remember this aspect, as it can significantly enhance your overall nail experience.

IGL Nails, your favorite nail bed-inclusive brand, offers a variety of press-on nail shapes to suit every nail bed size, from petite to wide. We're here to guide you in selecting the perfect shape, including almond, oval, coffin, and stiletto. We pride ourselves on embracing the diversity of nail shapes and making everyone feel confident!


Hygiene Is Important

Proper Hygiene

Have a long day at work? Or maybe you ate with your bare hands at that new exotic restaurant that opened downtown. Make sure to wash your hands and nails thoroughly right after. Keep your nails clean at all times, especially if you're active.

Wear gloves when washing dishes or cleaning your home since you'll be dealing with soapy water and chemicals that can damage your nails. As we discussed earlier, clean nails make grooming and maintaining easy.


Add An Extra Layer of Beauty

Set of nails

If you don't like the idea of manicures or don't have the time to do them, say hello to press-on nails. With many press-on nails available today, we proudly introduce you to our very own ones.

At IGL Nails, we aim to provide press-on nails that cater to every nail bed size. We strive to offer inclusive products that suit everyone, ensuring every nail stands out, regardless of size and shape. Start your journey to beautiful nails with us, and here's why it's a fantastic decision:


Variety is QUEEN

Set of Nails

We have a lot of nail designs for you to choose from. If you want to look formal during the day and be a party animal at night, we've got you covered! We have different shapes and lengths with various designs to rock that look you always wanted.


Hassle-Free Application

Best Damn Nail Glue

We know that press-on nails can be tricky to apply sometimes. But not ours! Thanks to our specialized nail glue, using our products on your nail bed is as easy as pie. They are also easy to remove and apply another one if you change your mind.


Can Be Easily Customized


Although our products may have different lengths depending on the size of your nail bed, you also have the freedom to cut them to your liking. We make our press-on nails from a high-quality material that allows you to cut them without compromising their form and integrity.


Start The Year With Healthy and Beautiful Nails

Founder of IGL NAILS

Greet 2024 with a bang by making those beautiful nails stand out! Be sure to check our blog for the latest updates about nail health, press-on tips and tricks, and our press-on nail products. Happy New Year, ladies!

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