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  • Top 5 Travel Essentials For Your Nails

    Today is National Travel Day which brings up the question... What travel essentials are needed for your nails? Whether you love press-on nails, a basic mani or you are an acrylics girl, everyone should have a few items in their carry on dedicated to your nails! Read below IGL Nails Top 5 Travel E...
  • IGL Nails Creates Custom Press-On Nails for Nike Her Rise Event

    On Thursday June 23rd IGL Nails had the pleasure of creating and applying custom Nike nails on young women to celebrate Her Rise: The 50 year anniversary of Title IX.
  • What is Juneteenth?

    IGL Nails celebrates Juneteenth every year with a special designed press-on nail set. However many people may not know what Juneteenth is. Below is the History Channels explanation of what this holiday means and how it finally became a federal holiday more than century later. Juneteenth (short fo...