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Best Press-Ons! Great for beginners

IGL was my first set of press on nails. They were so easy to apply and they lasted me way longer than I expected them to. They looked amazing and I was legit impressed! I immediately bought 3 more sets after I put my first set on!

Pinky Press On Nails
Takiyah Lewis
They don’t fit!!

The nail don’t fit my nail bed and I’ve sent emails with no response. I have a slightly longer nailed, even with cutting my nail all the way down, the IFLNails are too short.

Nails aren't wide enough for me. I put one star cause I had too in order to submit

Ruby Press-On Nails
Christina Donaghy (fit.little.bean)
Welcome to Oz

You are not in Kansas anymore with this ruby red set! In true IGL quality, the color is solid throughout the nails, and tips are sturdy as can be. I got a solid 3 wears from my first set, and am personally obsessed with the nail tabs included with each package.

Barbie Press On Nails
Christina Donaghy (fit.little.bean)
Hi Barbie!

WOW! Talk about living up to your name! This set is a true Barbie Pink - and I adore that IGL quality calls for color throughout the entirety of the nail. A showstopper for any time of year, but I'm particularly excited to sport these all summer long!

Amanda Press-On Nails
Christina Donaghy (fit.little.bean)
Instant Magic

Photos do not do justice to how lovely and detailed this set is! Each nail has a slightly different moon & stars pattern, with the perfect lilac ombre. I wore my set to the Disney parks and received SO many compliments on how well they capture the magic!

Must buy

Fast shipping and pretty

Daphne Press-On Nails
michelle ceballos

The nails were pretty. However, the thumb nail was not wide enough. I gave them away.

Flo Press-On Nails
Tracey Ambrose

Flo Press-On Nails

Sarai Press On Nails
Tracey Ambrose
Nice look

I absolutely love how natural they look


I am obsessed with press on nails. I used them for years when I became allergic to gel and acrylic. Lo and behold, I became allergic to the glue for press ons. I decided to try out adhesive tabs, that aren’t from the drug store as those never last more than a day, because I HATE my natural nails.

I used these tabs with a different pair of press ons (sorry 😂) I’m currently toward the end of day six. Yes, you heard that right almost a week! I’m not gentle on my hands and this included hair washings.

Now, I’ll tell you I prepped the hell out of my nails. Prepping and application are key. Here’s what I did.

-Do any filing then buff.
-Alcohol wipe all your nails.
-Pick out nail sizes and set aside.
-Alcohol wipe each nail again before application.
-Make sure that both the nail and the tab end and start in the same spot (this is vital to making sure they don’t lift) I occasionally had to use two tabs and cut the excess off to ensure they matched up and cut off any excess that goes above your nail to avoid things getting stuck in the section between where the tab ends and your natural nail ends.
-Avoid water for at least an hour.

This is insanely long, but hopefully this helps any other people desperate to not have fugly nails, but have very sensitive skin.

Beautiful color

This color is bright & can’t be missed! One of favorite purchases for the reasons mentioned.

Yandy Press-On Nails
My go to!

I have bought this nail 2x. A great staple to have, can never go wrong! One of my favorites!


Beautiful pair, could have lasted me longer but wanted a change for an outing. Received many compliments.

Best Damn Nail Glue
Angel Amor
Literally THE BEST

I’ve been using IGL nails for years and have not looked back! This nail glue applies easily and your nails stay on with no lifting for dayyyyysss. I’m a mom to a toddler and my nails stay put.

Best Damn Nail Glue
Samantha ramirez
Best Damn Nail Glue ever

I’m on day 3 and no lifting or anything. Great quality!! And easy to apply

Yonce Press-On Nails
Tracey Ambrose
Per usual

I always get compliments on my nails... per usual

So Beautiful

This is my second time ordering from IGL and I was just as satisfied with the look of these nails as I was with the first two sets!

Jaime Press-On Nails
Ashley Matthews
Great Designs and looks natural

I really was excited about the nails and design. Mail looks very natural ! The hood of the glue is great! The only thing is after 1 day nail bent and then within the week 2 split and broke. Little disappointing.

Frankie Press-On Nails
Tylar Holden
Not Good

I ordered these press ons for vacation. I attempted to install them and they would not stick. Not with the glue or the glue tabs. I had someone else attempt to help me install them, and they were also unsuccessful. I would like a refund.

Best Damn Nail Glue
Sheri Millner
Not happy

I bought this glue very excited, believing that it really does like in the video I saw on You Tube after only 1 day my nails came off, I may give it another chance, Right now , I am not happy.

Best Damn Nail Glue

I had to take a star away. Don't get me wrong they glue is good. But one stick glue in package is waste of money. There should be 2 not 1.

Route Package Protection
Lysandra Tatonetti
Very cute nails

I got these nails for a wedding I was going to and they were so cute and easy to apply. Black owned woman’s business is a plus.

Bailey Press-On Nails

Best nails and the best nail glue I’ve ever used. I will always buy from IGL Nails!!

Brandee Press On Nails
Markieta Jackson

I really love the nails but was disappointed with the sizing. I wasn’t able to wear this set on my birthday due to the nails not fitting my thumbs.