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My hands transform in minutes! I love the high quality of the nails & styles to choose from.

From fugly to fabulous!

I absolutely love these nails. I got so many compliments and they fit perfect. there were many sizes to choose from for the exact fit. And they lasted for more than three weeks. I would definitely buy these again and recommend them to anyone who wants some sexy cute nails just because you deserve it.


The nails had a beautiful design but they were made a little narrow so it didn’t cover my nails completely. I still thought they were pretty so I just dealt with it but I would rather have more sizes to choose from. There just weren’t enough size variety. Either too small or too big.

Little Bling

I loved these, I received so many compliments!

Beautiful Nail!

These were great! The color started to peel a little at the tips within 1 week, but when I cut them down, they did great. The long lasting glue is amazing, I got 2 weeks with these nails because of it!


I like the nails I ordered. I just put them on a day ago and I’ve had some to pop off already. I’m not sure if I just didn’t put enough glue to hold them but I will try again. Thank you

Pretty color and shape

I loved when I first put them on. But they were not as sturdy as I’d like. They bent on the sides doing normal stuff like buttoning my coat.

Janay Press-On Nails
Hey Janay!!!!!

I put these on while taking a flight. I got so many compliments on how they don’t look like press-ons.
Using the glue tabs PLUS the glue I’m ready for two weeks of cute non-fugly nails!

I’ll Never Have Fugly Nails Again!

Love these press on nail designs, sizes and that everything I need comes in one box. The options are so versatile that I bought one for me and another for my white elephant gift exchange during the holidays. Highly recommended!

Great but misleading

Great quality glue, but I thought it came with two glues

Beah Press-On Nails
Tiffany Owens
So natural appearing

Love them and have received so many compliments on the look. It was quick and easy to place on. Because I’m in the medical field I had to cut them down a bit and they stilll kept their appearance.

Another hit!

I ordered the Wednesday Halloween set and my order was delivered like 2 days later. It was the incorrect set, but I reached out to Brittany & IGL Nails and my order was replaced with no hassle. I was even able to keep the first set, which was so very kind. I love these press-ons and the really works! I even saved the day for a bride on her vow renewal day and Mortia at a Halloween party! Love this brand and the products!

Bling Beyonce

I super edgy, this nails makes me break out in the lemonade breaking things (it's joke). Love the quality, I got a lot of compliments on this nails.

Jaia Lenn



I love this nails sets, giving fall vibes and plus, getting this name after me is win in my book. Great quality, best damn glue... 100 crossed the board

Another WIN

I love the Tenaj set. I can't wait to wear it in the fall. Ordering was easy, shipping was east, and the style is just as cute in person.

Debra Ferrell

Very satisfied with the nails

I love IGL Nails

I love Igl nails. I have been a customer for about a year. I use to get my nails done all the time now I only wear IGL nails. They are 🔥. Noxeema is my favorite

Lara Salsman

Beautiful color..a bit long, but easily cut down with fake nail clippers.

XL 8
Jamie JB
To cute

This is my first time ordering a XL nails set from this brand. Good quality and will be buying more XL nails as well. I love the design, wish it also come in medium or large sizes too.


Where are the blue ones tho??? I NEEEEED the blue ones.

Myisha Jones
Love the nails

I noticed that the yellow nails split down the middle some. All the rest I have worn are amazing. Love the tabs and the glue


So excited to wear these conversation piece

Debra Ferrell
Love them

I received so many compliments on these nails, you should have a new customer.

Nicole Lawrence

I am so pleased with my purchase and happy to support a woman-owned business. Do yourself a favor and buy these nails!