Discover the Hottest Nail Trends of 2024

Hey there, Pressonistas! Can you believe it? We have another year to show off our beautiful, dazzling nails! As we enter this year, we are taking the opportunity to dish on the hottest nail trends that will dominate the scene in 2024.

Are you tired and bothered by those press-on nails that don't fit right? Well, girlfriend, we feel you! We know the struggle of finding press-ons that match your unique nail shape, and that's why IGL Nails has your back. From wide to petite and standard, we've got press-ons catered to your specific nail bed size!

This 2024 promises diverse styles ranging from sophisticated metallics to bold animal prints that suit your every taste and personality. Don't worry if you're feeling a bit undecided about which nails to flaunt in 2024! We've gathered the hottest nail trends from designs, color palettes, and nail art inspiration just for you. Get your notes ready because today, we will take your manicure to a new level of perfection!

Get ready to slay those nail goals, bestie! 💅

🤍Clean Metallic: Embracing the Glamour of Sleek Sophistication

Phew, we're starting strong with this one. The sleek and stylish Hailey design epitomizes the Clean Metallic trend. Picture this: your nails radiate a sleek metallic allure that's nothing short of show-stopping! The beauty of this nail trend? It caters flawlessly to all nail bed sizes—wide, petite, or standard—making it an absolute game-changer for its versatility to be a perfect fit for every girlie. The clean metallic finish adds a touch of sophistication, making it an ideal choice for those who prefer a modern and polished look. Prepare to make a statement with every tap of those chic, metallic fingertips!


🤎Animal Print: Unleashing Your Wild Elegance and Bold Style

Get ready and hold onto your claws, girlie, because the fierce and untamed vibes of the Naomi design are here to bring out your inner wild side! Perfectly tailored for both petite and standard nail beds, this trend ensures that you can rock and join the party. Whether you're feeling the allure of leopard spots, the boldness of zebra stripes, or the exotic charm of cheetah prints, Naomi is your go-to for making a statement that roars with style. Dive into the nail trend of animal print, prepare to make a statement, and let those fabulous nails be the canvas for your untamed glamour!


💙Short Square Nails: Chic and Short Redefining Glamour

It's a comeback! Short nails are having their moment, and we are absolutely living for it! From subtle and understated elegance to bold and daring statements, these designs are about to redefine the game, proving that glamour knows no length! Embrace the chic and timeless appeal of short square nails, available in various styles catering to all the shorty lovers out there. Like a crowning glory, short square nails are the nail trend that exudes a timeless charm and undeniable allure.


💖Lip Gloss Shiny: Irresistible Glossy Sparkle

The glossy revolution is here with the lip gloss shiny nail trend embodied in Shawna's design. Specially crafted with care in wide, petite, and standard fits, this nail boasts a luster sheen that will radiate your captivating brilliance, ready to command attention! This trend is a nail upgrade. It is celebrating femininity and adding a touch of glamour to your nails and your everyday style. Let those nails shine like never before!


💜Velvet Nails: The Plush Elegance of Velvet Dreams


How better to embrace the new year than in the most enchanting way possible? The luxurious texture and style of velvet nails is an absolute nail trend that will take 2024 to a whole new level. A touch of velvet that pampers your senses is not just a style but a bold declaration of confidence and poise. Everything velvet makes the whole experience a truly luxurious one!

💛Gold Chrome Accents: Welcoming the Golden Radiance of 2024

This nail trend ought to bring your nail game to new heights. If you are looking for accents beyond the ordinary, infused with a bold and extravagant statement, this nail design is your must-try! Gold chrome accents, being eye-catching, will perfectly fit the hands of a girlie ready to make heads turn left and right. Let your shimmer shine through your vibrant nails!


🩷Super Fem, Super Girly: The Dreamy Aesthetic

For the babes out there who love sweet, feminine, and girly concepts, this nail trend is a dream come true. Think soft pastels, intricate floral designs, and delicate details all coming together to create a super fem, sweet, super girly vibe. Go and embrace your inner princess and adorn your nails with designs that show how beautiful, soft, and delicate they can be!


✨Coquette Core Nail Trends are Enchanting

The world of coquettecore offers royalty, a sweet charm, and a sprinkle of flirtatiousness. This aesthetic is soft and perfect for you as a girl's girl and a passenger princess! It's all about expressing femininity with playful accents like bows and ribbons and soft plush of pink and pastel with a touch of charm on each fingertip.

✨Peach Fuzz for the Soft and Peachy Glamour

The perfect and ideal nail trend to hint at your soft and girly personality is the Peach Fuzz nail design. The warm, peachy tones create a look that's as sweet as it is charming. Soft gradients, subtle florals, and a dreamy aesthetic that captures the essence of a peachy summer day are absolute go-to's for 2024. Suited for those who love a feminine and romantic touch to their nails, the Peach Fuzz is a delightful choice for any season.

✨Dainty Rhinestones if You Want to Be Subtle and Delicate

Now, we have something for the girlies who love to carry elegance and refined designs for everyday styling. Those who appreciate the delicate and intricate will surely love the Dainty Rhinestones nail trend. From subtle accents to full-on bling, these nails are perfect for adding a touch of glamour without going overboard.

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So, Are You Ready to Slay 2024 with These Fabulous Nail Trends??

2024 is the ultimate canvas for expressing your individuality. Be unapologetic as your next manicure adventure echoes the 2024 better you. Let IGL Nails bring your boundless charm and beauty to life through flirty playfulness or cosmic elegance. 

Say it with me; “2024 will be MY year!”

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