Finding the Perfect Press-On Nail Shape with IGL Nails, Your Favorite Nail Bed Inclusive Brand

At IGL Nails, we take pride in being a nail bed inclusive brand that celebrates the beauty of diverse nail types. We understand that wide nail beds, though unique and captivating, can sometimes pose a challenge when it comes to choosing the perfect nail shape. In this blog post, we’ll explore different nail shapes and guide you on how to select the ideal one for your wide nails with the help of IGL Nails press-on nails. 
 1. Almond-Shaped Press-On Nails: Almond-shaped nails are a classic choice that suits a wide range of nail types. For wide nail beds, almond-shaped IGL Nails press-on nails can create a more balanced and elongated appearance. This shape features a tapered tip that comes to a gentle point, adding elegance to your nails while maintaining a natural look.
 2. Oval Press-On Nails: Oval nails offer a soft and flattering look, making them another great choice for wide nail beds. The rounded edges of oval IGL Nails press-on nails can help visually narrow the width of your nails while providing a timeless and sophisticated appearance.
 3. Coffin Press-On Nails: Coffin-shaped nails are known for their edgy and glamorous appeal. For wide nail beds, coffin IGL Nails press-on nails can help elongate the appearance of your nails. This shape starts wide at the base and narrows toward the tip, adding a touch of drama and sophistication.
5. Stiletto Press-On Nails: Stiletto nails are long and pointed, making them a bold and fashionable choice. While they may not be for everyone, wide nail beds can pull off stiletto IGL Nails press-on nails exceptionally well. The elongated shape can help create a more balanced look. 
Choosing the Right Shape: 
When selecting the perfect press-on nail shape for your wide nail beds with IGL Nails, consider your personal style, lifestyle, and comfort. You can also experiment with different shapes to see which one suits you best. Additionally, don’t forget to choose IGL Nails press-on nails that fit your nail width comfortably, ensuring a seamless and natural appearance. 
In conclusion with IGL Nails’ press-on nails, you have the flexibility to explore various shapes and styles. Whether you opt for almond, oval, coffin, stiletto, or round IGL Nails press-on nails, the key is to choose a shape that makes you feel confident and beautiful. Embrace the diversity of nail shapes and let your wide and narrow nail beds shine with IGL Nails, your trusted nail bed inclusive brand

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