Achieve That Perfect Valentine's Nails with IGL Nails

Sparkle and shine, Pressonistas! With Valentine's Day just around the corner, the air buzzes with sweet nothings and tender moments. Our hearts are beating a little faster, and everything around us speaks the language of love. Inclusive nail-bed-sized press-on nails from IGL Nails, your sweetheart in all things style and beauty, make every tiny detail count in creating a memorable day.

We are excited to share with you a truly enchanting way to wear your heart not just on your sleeve but at your fingertips! An extra sprinkle of love to your Valentine's nails ensemble – the XOXO Collection from IGL Nails – is your Valentine's love affair! Let's begin this journey and fall in love with each style~

Embrace the Romance with XOXO Collection

XOXO Bundle

No matter your style, the XOXO Collection has something that will make your heart flutter, sweetheart! This collection is specially curated to capture the essence of Valentine's – think passionate reds, soft pinks, and all the lovely symbols of love like hearts and delicate kisses.

Each Valentine's nail set in this collection has a love story and is a key part of your Valentine's narrative. Whether you plan a romantic date, a cozy night in, or a fun evening with friends, the XOXO Collection has the perfect design to match your plans and mood. Say goodbye to lengthy salon appointments because these press-on nails are incredibly easy to apply! You can enjoy your Valentine's celebrations without worrying about your nails. Let the XOXO Collection add that extra touch of love to your Valentine's nails!

We've playfully sorted 18 of our favorite designs and included one new Heart worthy style we call Val.

Edgy and Bold: A Love Statement

So, for beauties who wear your heart like a sparkling jewel on your sleeve, these bold Valentine's nails in the XOXO Collection are like a serenade to your soul. Crafted for the fearless romantics, those who express their love as vividly as the sunset paints the sky enthusiastically embrace these. They are the perfect companions for a night steeped in romance, for those thrilling dates that make your heart skip a beat, or for any moment you wish to captivate the world with your stunning, love-inspired style.

Ruby: A certified love spell

Get lost in the seductive and romantic waltz of deep reds that capture love's bold, fearless essence – these Valentine's nails are the ultimate expression of passion and elegance for your fairy tale.



Zuleyma: A Cupid’s arrow

Bold and beautiful, these nails are a testament to the intensity of passion you have for your Valentine's Day celebration.



Ebony: The heartbreaker

Make an unconventional statez`ment this Valentine's Day with these chic black nails, exuding a mysterious allure that pairs perfectly with the mystery and depth of your love.


Simple: Elegantly Whispered Love

Darlings, if you're opting for soft tones and minimalist designs and you find elegance in simplicity, you can totally express your affection with the tenderest of touches because these Valentine's nails are like a heart's gentle sigh. Perfect for a dreamy date night, a snuggly evening cuddled up, or to sprinkle a little romantic magic into your everyday chic, the XOXO Collection has got your back!


Alissa: the delicate sweetheart

Imagine soft, muted colors that whisper of gentle, tender moments and the quiet, cozy side of love – just perfect for you lovelies who adore the sweet simplicity of affection.

Yandy: a love’s embrace

Adorn your fingertips with the pure, serene beauty of these white Valentine's nails, symbolizing love as authentic and unblemished as the first snowfall.


Sarai: soft as petals

Fall head over heels for these darling nude Valentine's nails, graced with a dainty French tip – they're the epitome of sweet, timeless love, wrapped in an effortlessly chic and elegant little package.


Trendy and Sweet: Charming and Playful Love

Sweethearts, embrace the month of love with Valentine's nails that blend adorable and oh-so-chic styles. Each design in this category exudes the bubbly joy of carefree and fun love. These nails are just dreamy for a whimsical date, the cutest Valentine's celebration with friends, or any day you wish to wear your heart's sweetness right on your pretty fingertips.


Samantha: the heart’s favorite

Let your nails flirt with romance this Valentine's Day in dreamy pink hues and twinkling glitter, capturing love's playful and enchanting spirit.


Flo: experiencing the first blush

The playful and sassy French tip and soft colors are reminiscent of the butterflies you feel with a new crush, charming and endearing.


Barbie: a fiery touch

Get swept away in a whirlwind of love with these gorgeously bright pink Valentine's nails, darlings – a fabulously bold expression of passion and oh-so-delightful charm!


Fall Head Over Heels with Val – Your New Valentine's Day Crush



Now, let us introduce you to the newest addition to this love-filled collection – the Val press-on nails. The Val design is more than just a set of nails; it's a heartfelt declaration of love, a love letter for your fingertips! These Valentine's nails are designed for all you lovebirds who want to embody the very essence of Valentine's Day and celebrate love in its most beautiful form.

Each press-on in this enchanting set is a love story, mingling grace with a dash of whimsy, making it just perfect for adding a little Valentine's enchantment to your look. With every bit of detail of these Valentine's nails adorned with the cutest heart designs –they're like a gentle love note from Cupid himself, perfect for fluttering hearts and dreamy glances.

Wrap yourself in the Valentine's spirit by pairing Val with your cutest outfit. It can be your chicest little black dress or your snuggliest sweater and jeans, and these nails will sprinkle a dash of romantic magic over every look. Add a touch of delicate jewelry, and voilà, you're a vision of love and style, ready to captivate hearts and spread joy all day long!

Find Your Valentine's Style with the XOXO Collection


So, loves, which Valentine's nails resonate with your heart this month? Is it the heart-throbbing declaration of love, or do you prefer the delicate charm of softly spoken adoration? Or maybe you like the playful sweetness of a charming romance? Whatever your love language is, the XOXO Collection from IGL Nails has covered your fairy tale, sweetie. Each set is a breeze to apply, so you can spend more time basking in the glow of love.

Pop over to IGL Nails, lovelies, and explore the enchanting world of press-on nails this 2024, find your perfect press-on Valentine’s nails and sprinkle a little romance into your this coming Heart’s Day. Remember, it's not just the big, swoon-worthy gestures that count – love sparkles in all those tiny, precious details that make every moment with your sweetheart genuinely magical!

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