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  • Meet Marissa aka Target While Black and the Set Named After Her

    We all know how rare it is to find black owned products in big box retail stores. Well, meet Marissa also known as @targetwhileblack on Instagram. She’s made it a point to find and promote all of the amazing black owned brands currently found at Target. link:
  • How to Apply Press-On Nails the Right Way

    Do you remember when press-on nails first came out? They were tacky, poorly fitting glue-on nails that easily popped off with a snap of a finger. My oh, my have press-on nails come a long way. We now have various shapes, colors, designs, and lengths of press-on nails to choose from in stores and ...
  • The Do’s and Don'ts to Remove Press-on Nails

    Congratulations! You did a fantastic job at applying your press-on nails correctly. They even lasted a whole two weeks without a single one popping off. Yay, you. But now that you are ready for a new set, you realize that popping the nails off simply won’t work. It’s more important to be careful ...