Top 5 Travel Essentials For Your Nails

Today is National Travel Day which brings up the question... What travel essentials are needed for your nails? Whether you love press-on nails, a basic mani or you are an acrylics girl, everyone should have a few items in their carry on dedicated to your nails! Read below IGL Nails Top 5 Travel Essentials For Your Nails.

1. Travel Essentials for your Nails: An extra set of press-on nails

The only thing better than the variety is the time and money saved with press-on nails. In just 10 minutes, you can give yourself salon-quality nails on the airplane.  Here are some of our IGL Nails favs.


2. Travel Essentials for your Nails: Nail Glue

When you're on the go you just never know when you may need some extra nail glue. Especially if you plan on doing fun activities like zip lining, city tours or water activities. Adding the Best Damn Nail Glue to your carry on is a must!

  • 3. Travel Essentials for your Nails: Cuticle Oil

    Let's face it your skin is different depending on the climate. Having cuticle oil in your handbag should be as important as your wallet. Nothing ruins beautiful nails more than ashy knuckles.


  • 4. Travel Essentials for your Nails: Manicure Kit

    Whether you're wearing nails are going Au natural having a manicure kit on hand is super helpful. You never know when you'll need to do a quick buff of the nail or take your IGL Nails from long to short

  • 5. Travel Essentials for your Nails: IGL Nails MINI Storage Box

    One of the best perks of IGL Nails is that you can switch them out and re-use them. Grab our NEW IGL Nails MINI Storage Box and have a safe place to store your nails when you want to switch them in between going yachting and touring the local street market.


    Keeping up your nail appearance while you travel is possible in 2023 if you grab items from our Travel Essentials for your Nails list.

    IGL Nails will save you time and money this travel season with easy, affordable, stylish options. Our nails can be purchased in-store or online. Whether you’re keeping it classy for dinner or stopping traffic during city tours, IGL Nails is sure to deliver during this 2023 travel season.

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