The Do’s and Don'ts to Remove Press-on Nails

Congratulations! You did a fantastic job at applying your press-on nails correctly. They even lasted a whole two weeks without a single one popping off. Yay, you. But now that you are ready for a new set, you realize that popping the nails off simply won’t work. It’s more important to be careful during the removal process because there is a risk of damaging the nail. You may not notice the damage at first, but the nail bed and nail itself can become weak from poor removal habits over time.

We want your nails to look good with and without your press-on nails. Nail health is essential. Therefore, we’re going to discuss the right and wrong ways to remove your press-on nails. Our methods are effective for preventing nail damage and promoting nail health. 

Press-on Nail Removal Do’s

  1. Soak your nails: Fill a small bowl with an acetone-based nail polish remover. Soak your nails in the remover; the time may vary but keep the nails until the glue breaks down.
  2. Use a nail buffer: Gently push the nail off with a soft nail buffer if the remover didn’t entirely remove the nail already. Be sure to buff any excess glue that is left on your nails after removing the press-on nail.
  3. Aftercare: Apply cuticle oil and trim the nails. Then let the nails breathe.

Press-on Nail Removal Don’ts

  1. Rip off the press-ons: This is the number one no-no of press-on nail removal. This will cause damage to your natural nails and also damage the press-on nails. Since the IGL Nails press-ons are reusable, it’s in your best interest not to tear the nails so that you can get the full use out of them. That would be such a waste of money to wear your stunning Venita set only ONCE.
  2. Leave glue or adhesive on: Not only will it make your nails dirty and sticky but leaving glue on also prevents the nails from breathing. Make sure to remove every last piece of glue or adhesive during the removal.
  3. Neglect nail aftercare: Neglected natural nails will affect how well your press-on nails last. They will also show no matter how nice your press-ons are. 

Our nails help to elevate your style, making you look extra edgy, chic, and fun. You can’t go wrong with any of our styles, but you can go wrong with how you remove them. From application to removal, proper technique is essential to your natural nails and the faux ones. Comment below to share your press-on nail removal tips and tricks.

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